Where Is the Citrus Industry Going?

During the last 25 years, the world production of citrus has grown approximately 70% while the processing of citrus increased approximately 100%, more than doubling the production of citrus and its by-products (such as aromas and essence oils) during the period.

In this article I’ll show where citrus fruits are produced today, the amounts of different citrus fruits processed today and the locations of the major markets for citrus products today. I'll also discuss the future of this industry. I’ll suggest where new citrus trees should be planted, and I’ll consider the nature and location of the demand for citrus products in the next decades.

World Citrus Production

Citrus fruits are by far the most commonly grown fruit. Total citrus produced worldwide is nearly 80 million metric tons, primarily from Brazil (22%), the Mediterranean region (21%) and the United States (18%). Tables I-V show a breakdown of world citrus production in 1995 by main citrus type (orange, tangerine, lemon/lime, grapefruit) and by producing countries.

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