Focused Flavor Creation


Historically, most flavorists have not received training on how to create flavors but have instead learned by observation, trial and error, and a strong desire to learn. This approach is very time consuming, costly, and inefficient.

In 1965 GRAS III contained 1,125 flavor ingredients. As of GRAS 20, there are 4,023 GRAS ingredients plus many additional natural botanical sourced ingredients. This large number of ingredients becomes diffi cult to utilize without some type of tool or organized system.

Introduction Flavor creation involves two require– ments: ingredient selection and ingredient use level selection. Flavorists have addressed these requirements by:

• modifying existing formulas • using previous experience • reading literature • odor evaluation • external suggestions from suppliers or peers • tasting and evaluating ingredients

However, these tactics do not guarantee success — there are positive and negative aspects to each of them.

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