C is-Jasmone (FEMA# 3196, CAS# 488-10-8) has a character that is exceptionally difficult to pin down and describe. As the name implies, it contains a strong floral element and makes a highly significant contribution to the profile of natural jasmine flowers. Nevertheless, from a flavor viewpoint, it would seem to be better classified primarily as an herbal note. It is noticeably waxy, but also has distinct elements of celery and mint.

The odor of this chemical is so complex that it might seem to have a narrowly restricted range of uses; however, this is not the case. cis-Jasmone is surprisingly useful in a very wide range of flavors, despite its complexity. It excels in berry and other fruit flavors, adding a level of depth, realism and complexity that has few rivals. The dose rates given below are the levels of cis-jasmone to be used in flavors that are intended to be dosed at 0.05% in a ready-to-drink taster or beverage.


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