Flavor Ingredient Roundtable

The 2014 Chemical Sources Association Roundtable took place May 15 at the Doubletree Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey. The event featured 30 flavor ingredient exhibitors, which meant that attendees were able to visit a maximum of 10 tables during the day.

Symrise (www.symrise.com) presented ingredients, including L-menthone/D-isomenthone (FEMA# 2667/FEMA# 3460), which were herbal, peppermintlike and spearmintlike, appropriate for all mint flavor profiles at 0.1–150.0 ppm; ethoxyethyl acetate-1 (FEMA# 4069), which was estery, peely, fruity and sweet, appropriate for use in citrus, fruit, alcohol and dairy flavors at levels of 1–600 ppm; trans-2,2-phenylbutenal (FEMA# 3224), which was floral, sweet, green and honeylike, appropriate for use in honey, cocoa and fruit profiles at levels of 10 ppb to 10 ppm; myrtenol (FEMA# 3439), which was herbal, berrylike, terpenic and fruity, appropriate for berry, mint and orange flavors at levels of 100 ppb and 50 ppm; carvomenthone (FEMA# 3176), which was carawaylike, herbal fresh and spearmintlike, appropriate for use in mint, tea, peach and citrus flavors at 10 ppb to 40 ppm; and filbertone (FEMA# 3761), which was hazelnutlike, nutty, roasted and nougatlike, appropriate for use in hazelnut, brown, meat and citrus flavors at levels of 1 ppb to 50 ppm.

Flavor Producers (www.flavorproducers.com) debuted its range of Isoz extracts and water-soluble and colorless essences, including a French oak essence with no tannins, and a French oak CO2 extract that could be used in sauces; chili essences with no heat, including a green chili from dried chilies; cucumber essence with a low level of alcohol used to derive the aroma chemicals; wild cherry bark essence and gentian root extract; and coffee extracts and essences from Arabica.

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