Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

SAFC's Benzyl Isothiocyanate, FEMA# 4428, CAS# 622-78-6, is a nature identical ingredient. It occurs naturally in watercress, nasturtium, papaya and endive. Its odor at 1.0% is characterized by vegetative cabbage and radishlike notes, as well as green with a musty sulfurous earthiness reminiscent of mustard greens. Its taste at 0.5 ppm exhibits green vegetative cabbage, kimchi, radish and wasabilike flavor with green leafy nuances and imparting a strong trigeminal tongue numbing and raspy sensation. Possible applications include mustard, horseradish, vegetative nuances for cabbage, radish and watercress, tropical papaya mouthfeel effects.

This edition features organoleptic evaluations of brandy extract CO2, coumarin, clary amber, cypress absolute, fresh peppermint absolute P&N, grapefruit oil HCF and more.


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