Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Bitter Orange Citrazest Enriched (#1123050) is described as:

Source: Frutarom Natural Odor: @ 1.0%. Sweet, citrus mandarin, tangerine with dry woody and juicy notes and a slight orange marmalade note. Taste: @ 10 PPM. Sweet citrus orange, slightly tangerine and mandarinlike with a slight orange marmalade aftertaste. Possible applications: Orange nuances, orange marmalades, cordials and confections.

Other materials evaluated: Bitter Orange Citrazest Enriched (#1123050 Frutarom); 1-Butanethiol (Oxford Chemicals Ltd.); Dodecanal 30% (MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients); Extract Ginger (#0252101org Moore Ingredients); Fresh Pineapple FTNF (Florida Worldwide Citrus); 1-Hepten-3-ol (SAFC); T2,T4-Hexadienyl Acetate (SAFC); Hydroquinone Monoethyl Ether (SAFC); Lemon Oil 10 Fold (MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients); Oil of Bergamot (MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients); Persian Lime Oil C.P. (MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients); Prenyl Acetate (SAFC); Propenyl Propyl Sulfide (Oxford Chemicals Ltd.); Rose Turkish Absolute CR-720 (Robertet); Tea Essence Concentrate TE 101 (Sensus LLC); White Tea Distillate (#0417501 Moore Ingredients).

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