The New Face of Givaudan

Ranked number one for four years running, Givaudan has recently seen some changes in its top ranks. With Henri Meier's retirement, Juerg Witmer, former CEO, took over as the new chairman of the board. Gilles Andrier succeeded Witmer as CEO at April's general assembly meeting. Perfumer & Flavorist recently spoke with Andrier on his strategy in his new role, the company's recent acquisitions and growth in fine fragrances, and the future of the F&F industry.

P&F: How would you describe Givaudan’s culture?

Andrier: I am focused on having the ability to attract, retain and develop talent. It’s truly a business of people, and I firmly believe that Givaudan has a very attractive and strong DNA — or culture — which enables us to really push and drive our people to do their best. That is the key to being innovative in today’s market, thereby creating value for our clients. The culture of the company is not something you design or decide—it’s a part of the DNA that we have built and continuously anchor.

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