Grady's Cold Brew Releases Flavors of RTD Coffees


Grady's Cold Brew has released two additional flavors of its craft cold brew, making the company's first new addition to the line since 2011.

Building off its original New Orleans-style coffee concentrate, the new flavors include French vanilla and hazelnut mocha. Created in-house at the company’s Bronx location, the coffee beverages are created with Arabic coffee beans and includes a special spice blend and natural flavors.

"Flavored coffee has a reputation of being overpowering and artificial, but a large segment of coffee drinkers want subtlety, not a mouth-numbing sugar explosion," said Grady Laird, co-founder and namesake of the brand. "This is flavored cold brew that can appeal to those who drink their coffee black—and to those who prefer to sweeten things up."

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