Bob Dylan Is Knock, Knock, Knocking Into Whiskey Segment

Heaven's Door Spirits (PRNewsfoto/Heaven's Door Spirits, LLC)
Heaven's Door Spirits (PRNewsfoto/Heaven's Door Spirits, LLC)
Heaven�s Door Spirits, LLC

Spirits Investment Partnership (SIP) has released Heaven’s Door Spirits, a collection of premium American whiskey in collaboration with Bob Dylan.

"The whiskeys had to be unique, uncompromising in quality and center stage," said Ryan Perry, who leads whiskey development for Heaven's Door. "We weren't restricted by deadlines, budget or a particular taste profile. Working with master distillers like Jordan Via enabled us to establish creative collaboration as a foundational principle of the brand."

The trilogy of whiskeys will be released in mid-May and will include a:

  • Straight bourbon whiskey. A Tennessee mash that utilizes 30% small grains, resulting in vanilla and baked bread notes over toasted oak.
  • Double barrel whiskey. Comprised of three blends of whiskey, the beverage is aged in oak barrels. It includes flavors and notes of caramel, oak, citrus and spice.
  • Straight rye whiskey. Finished in toasted oak cigar barrels from Voges, France, the whiskey is a smoother beverage with notes of orange peel, coriander and spice.

"The Heaven's Door range manages to deliver distinct personalities across its three inaugural releases, something I've found many new whiskey producers struggle to achieve," says Heather Greene. "I look forward to using Heaven's Door to excite whiskey drinkers on how just a few ingredients can create such a wide array of flavors when put into qualified and skillful hands. There is clear intent, passion and talent behind the making of this fun new brand."

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