Cargill Debuts TasteWise

Cargill (Minneapolis, Minnesota) launched TasteWise, a new patent-pending reduced calorie ingredient that can be added to beverages for better-tasting, reduced-calorie products. The company utilized texturizers, sweeteners and flavors to create the ingredient for optimized taste and mouthfeel in a process it calls “tribology,” the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. This helps give flavorists a better idea what happens in the mouth when a beverage is consumed.

"With this new approach, Cargill not only provides the ingredients to achieve desired sweetness and enhanced mouthfeel, but the science and expertise to achieve the right balance," said Andy del Rosal, team leader of Cargill's North American beverage applications scientists. "This is the culmination of years of scientific research to help our customers develop reduced-calorie beverages that also taste great."

Sensory and consumer testing of Cargill's measurement and ingredient technology, conducted at North Carolina State University's Sensory Science Center, confirmed the connection between mouthfeel sensations and the consumer liking the product.

Also, additional elements of TasteWise include Cargill's sweeteners, such as Truvia rebiana, as well as taste-enhancing and -masking flavors. "Cargill's philosophy is that you must examine sweetness, texture and flavor in relation to one another," said Majella de Bruijn, EMEA beverage category manager, Cargill. "Any time one is modified, it affects the others." Cargill is also working to extend these capabilities into foods such as dressings, sauces and soups.

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