Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: March 2015

Odor, taste and suggested applications for tamarind solid extract, natural cocoa extract, 2-mercaptoanisole and more.

Tamarind solid extract, GMO-free, ref: AJ621685, GRAS, CAS# 84961-62-6, natural, Tamarindus indica L., is described as: Because of its acidic nature, this material can be used as a natural acidifier in fruit flavors. It will benefit flavors in which tamarind is traditionally used, including Worcestershire, barbeque and steak sauce, as well as raisin, peach, apricot, prune, plum sauce, molasses and fruit punch.

This issue also discusses the following:

Natural cocoa extract, item: U1-0016483.VP10; 2-Mercaptoanisole (synonym: 2-methoxythiophenol); Genet absolute (synonym: broom absolute); Nutmeg oleoresin; Jasmine absolute; Spearmint oil HCF; Sage Dalmatian essential oil; Natural pyrazine mixture #24; 4-Mercapto-4-methyl-2-pentanone

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