Citronellyl Formate

Everyone loves the lift and quintessentially fragrant floral character of rose otto (Bulgarian rose; pictured, at right). Many useful natural raw materials contain several hidden gems, but rose otto is one of those rare natural miracles in which almost all of them work in perfect harmony. Nothing conspires to work against the overall effect.

Because citronellol is the obvious key floral note in rose otto, it is easy to forget the role of the citronellyl esters, especially since they are often present at levels below 0.1%—far below the level of the parent alcohol. Citronellyl formate (FEMA# 2314, CAS# 105-85-1) defies this logic and refuses to be ignored. Its character is pungent, but attractively natural, fresh and floral, and distinctly reminiscent of rose petals. Because it is highly characterizing, citronellyl formate is one of the most useful floral notes, adding color to a wide range of different flavor types.

Floral Flavors

Rose: Citronellyl formate adds lift and realism to rose flavors and performs well at modest levels in the region of 100 ppm. Higher levels, up to 500 ppm, are also interesting, imparting novelty and a degree of pungency, while remaining authentic.

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