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Trimino Reveals Three Flavors of Protein Infused Water

Protein infused water brand Trimino has released three additional flavors of its water, which include orchard, citrus and raspberry limeade.

Editor’s Note: A Sense of the Future

The F&F industry is undergoing quite a transformation, which shows clearly through M&A activity and regulatory changes. This issue we look more closely at the direction of the F&F industry’s transformation, and it’s moving up.

Vertically Assessing Value-Added Ingredients in the F&F Industry

Visually it may seem as though the industry has undergone a torrent of F&F ingredient deals, but in reality, deal flow is a mere trickle compared to the overall size of the ingredients market.

Flavor Bites: trans-2-Octenal

With a powerful fatty character paired with just a hint of a fruity green apple note, this material works well in a variety of savory, dairy, nut and fruit flavors, as well as tea.

Beyond the Smoke: Cannabis Flavoring in 2018

Despite the controversy, the cannabis industry is a force to be reckoned with, especially in the realm of flavoring.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials January 2018

This month’s column features discussions on tea extract CO2, 3-Methyl-2,4-nonanedione, carrot seed oil, pyrazine mixture and propyl acetate.

GCMS as a Tool for Flavor Development

There are diverse extraction, sampling and chromatographic methods, which can be used for the development of flavorings, and the right ones should be chosen for each type of required flavor.

Get in Check with Biotech’s Growth in F&F

Biotechnology is seeing a growth as more consumers demand more natural ingredients, and suppliers are looking to respond with sustainable solutions. Perfumer & Flavorist spoke to two suppliers who explained how naturals inspire biotech and what to expect in the future.

Sweet Techniques to Modify Flavor

While sugar reduction is on the rise, this trend goes above and beyond sweet nothings—instead, companies are producing sweet somethings with solutions to keep flavors from being modified.

Chill Out With These 2018 Ice Cream Flavors

Parker Products has developed five ice cream flavors, which take after popular trends and chef-inspired creations.

Kombucha Flavors Catch on Globally

According to a recent report, the global kombucha market is expected to see strong growth through 2022, as demand for natural ingredients and healthy products rise.

3 Flavors to Watch Out for in 2018

With 2018 right around the corner, Synergy Flavors has released its top flavor trends for the coming year.

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