Symrise Reports Q3 2022 Results

By 2025, group sales are expected to increase to €5.5 to €6.0 billion, supported by annual growth of 5% to 7% (CAGR) and targeted acquisitions.
By 2025, group sales are expected to increase to €5.5 to €6.0 billion, supported by annual growth of 5% to 7% (CAGR) and targeted acquisitions.
C/O Symrise

Symrise has reported a strong third quarter, with organic sales growth of 11.3% (Q3 2022: 13.6%).

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Taking into account portfolio effects such as acquisitions or divestments, as well as currency translation effects, group sales in the first nine months of the year increased to €3,493 million (9M 2021: €2,883 million). This corresponds to growth of 21.2% compared to the same period of the previous year and of 26.4% compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

Highlights of the report include:

  • By 2025, group sales are expected to increase to €5.5 to €6.0 billion, supported by annual growth of 5% to 7% (CAGR) and targeted acquisitions. Profitability should remain within a target corridor of 20% to 23% (EBITDA margin) in the long term.
  • In the first nine months of the year, the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment increased its sales organically by 14.5% compared to the previous year. This corresponds to organic growth of 18.0% in the third quarter. Taking into account portfolio and exchange rate effects, segment sales in the first nine months increased to €2,178 million (9M 2021: 1,752 million). The acquisitions of Giraffe Foods/Canada, Schaffelaarbos/Netherlands and Wing Pet Food/China, as well as the divestments of the color and Velcorin business, led to a positive portfolio effect of around €67 million.
  • In the Food & Beverage division, leisure activities and out-of-home consumption led to good demand for beverage and savory products. The Latin America and North America regions recorded the strongest growth rates. The Sweet business in the Latin America region reported high double-digit percentage growth. The Naturals business unit increased its sales, particularly in North America.
  • The Pet Food division continued its high double-digit percentage growth unabated. All regions contributed to the strong sales performance with double-digit growth rates. With the successful expansion of capacities in China, North America, Brazil and France, Symrise has laid the foundation for further accelerated expansion of the pet food business.
  • Scent & Care, the business with perfume applications, fragrance and cosmetic ingredients, achieved organic sales growth of 6.4% in the first nine months of 2022 and 6.7% in the third quarter. Taking portfolio and exchange rate effects into account, sales in the reporting period amounted to €1,316 million (9M 2021: €1,132 million). The acquisitions of the perfumery businesses of Sensient, Néroli and Romani contributed €39 million to the segment’s sales.
  • The Fragrance division increased its sales by a single-digit percentage in the first nine months. The Fine Fragrances business unit continued to develop dynamically, once again achieving high organic growth following a strong previous year. In the Consumer Fragrance and Oral Care business units, demand for hygiene and oral care products was lower than in the previous year. Applications in the area of household products continued to perform well.    
  • The Aroma Molecules division achieved organic sales growth in the single digits. Demand for fragrance ingredients recovered significantly compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • With double-digit percentage organic growth, sales in the Cosmetic Ingredients division performed very well. All regions posted significant sales increases. The sun protection products business unit continued to be very dynamic and displayed high project vitality.

Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Ph.D., chief executive officer at Symrise AG, said, “In a still challenging and volatile market environment, we once again managed to continue our growth course. Our diversified portfolio as well as our broad regional presence and customer base were key factors in achieving this. Furthermore, materially increased demand in our core competencies such as cosmetics and pet food has contributed to significant organic growth. We were also able to further accelerate our growth by acquiring Giraffe Foods, Schaffelaarbos, Wing Pet Food, Néroli and Romani, which significantly strengthened our product range.”

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