[update] Plug into Recent Flavor & Fragrance Podcasts

Listen in on flavor and fragrance trends, company milestones, biotechnology and more.
Listen in on flavor and fragrance trends, company milestones, biotechnology and more.

Have you tuned in to one of Perfumer & Flavorist+'s podcasts yet? From flavor and fragrance, company milestones, biotechnology and more, here's a roundup for recent pods from the last year to listen in on while you clean, drive or work out!

Two Sense: Family-Owned Blocki Perfume Co. Talks Legacy, Launches and Leveling Up

Founded in 1865, Blocki Perfumes is one of the longest-running family-owned and operated fragrance brands. Blocki Perfumes' Tyler Kraemer to discuss the company's legacy, perfume collection and the future of fragrance.

Two Sense: A Perfumer’s Take on the Middle Eastern Fragrance Market

The Middle Eastern fragrance market size is projected to reach $4,414.1 million by 2027. Iberchem perfumer, Ana Gómez breaks down trends, differences between the U.S./EU markets and the Middle East as well as key ingredients favored in formulations. 

Two Sense: Curators’ PoV on Fragrance Development with Mark Knitowski

During World Perfumery Congress 2022, seasoned fragrance curator, Mark Knitowski, took the stage to dig into fragrance development. Perfumer & Flavorist+ managing editor, Jenna Rimensnyder, linked up with Knitowski once he returned from Miami to dive deeper into the topic. 

[podcast] Argeville Discusses Flavor Trends and Industry Evolution

P&F+ managing editor, Jenna Rimensnyder alongside P&F+ associate publisher, Paige Crist, connect with Argeville flavor development director, Yann Gayton, to discuss the evolution of the company as well as his projections for the future of flavor.

[podcast] Exploring the Benefits of Biotechnology with Abolis

Perfumer & Flavorist+ connects with Abolis CEO Cyrille Pauthenier to discuss the company's role in meeting the industry's needs in biotech, what it means to be “bio-synthesis architects” and more.

[podcast] Two Sense: Bedoukian Discusses Half-Century Milestone in F&F

P&F+ managing editor Jenna Rimensnyder alongside associate publisher, Paige Crist, connect with Bedoukian president, Robert Bedoukian, Ph.D., alongside his son and vice president of sales, David Bedoukian.

[video] Creating a Highly Efficient Flavor and Fragrance Manufacturing Plant 

Initech CEO Rich DiBernardo shares best practices and solutions.

[podcast] Two Sense: Candle & Air Care Market Trends with Amy Marks-McGee

Amy Marks-McGee discusses the latest trends in candles and air care.

[podcast] A Perfumer’s Take on Sustainable Formulation

Symrise perfumer, Nathalie Benareau, discusses sustainable fragrances.

[podcast] Two Sense: Flavorcon 2022 Taps Beer Expert

Stephen Rich discusses what it means to be a "beer expert."

Two Sense: Checking In with the Institute of Art & Olfaction’s Saskia Wilson-Brown

Saskia Wilson-Brown talks about her entry into fragrance, future plans and more.

[podcast] Two Sense: Flavorcon Speaker Cyndie Lipka Prepares to Take the Stage

Cyndie Lipka discusses her upcoming Flavorcon session alongside William van Dongen of VCF Online, "Food Pairing and Beyond: Matching Flavor Profiles Using Big Data Analysis."

Two Sense: One-on-One with Scent Beauty CEO Stephen Mormoris

Scent Beauty's CEO Stephen Mormoris discusses the excitement of recent and upcoming fragrance launches, celebrity collaborations and much more.

Two Sense: Mark Knitowski Sheds Light on Synthetic Ingredients in Fragrance

Fragrance curator Mark Knitowski digs into the topic synthetics.

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