Quintis Sandalwood Reimagined Fragrance Competition Winners Revealed

Sandalwood Reimagined' Fragrance Competition winners are Jennifer Jambon (Argeville) and Fanny Ginolin (Takasago).
Sandalwood Reimagined' Fragrance Competition winners are Jennifer Jambon (Argeville) and Fanny Ginolin (Takasago).

Quintis Sandalwoodin partnership with the American Society of Perfumers (ASP), has officially announced the winners of the global perfume competition, Sandalwood Reimagined.

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The global winner of the competition was announced at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) on Friday, July 1, was Argeville perfumer, Jennifer Jambon, whose experience spans 20 years. Jambon also won the 2016 competition.

Jambon says the competition encouraged participants to use Indian sandalwood as their muse, removing parameters of a commercial fragrance brief, like consumer profile and budget. She describes her perfume as, “The violet leaf combined with magnolia and mimosa blossom to give a natural floral green start. Then the precious sandalwood rounds the powdery orris to give a creamy rich texture to the fragrance. Finally, balsamic benzoin, mystic olibanum and gourmand tonka bean enrich the perfume’s body and liner on the skin.”

Fanny Ginolin, assistant perfumer at Takasago was also announced as the winner in the emerging perfumer category. Ginolin shared their inspiration behind the fragrance, "Let the sandalwood tell its odyssey between India and Australia. I am starting my adventure in the middle of the symbolic spices of India, accompanied by a creamy and green fruity fig. I continue my odyssey on India’s land, getting closer and closer to the ocean. I embark on a boat towards the unknown, the discoveries and the expanse – touched and caressed by the sea foam I continue my trip towards my new life, always with the spicy memories of my homeland. A warm, creamy and spicy sandalwood, I arrive on the warm, dry and woody land of Australia. The Indian sandalwood and its implantation in Australia is my inspiration."

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