Olfactory Art Keller Presents Associations Series

Pictured is a shot from the August performance by ro miller 'for the children i will never have.'
Pictured is a shot from the August performance by ro miller "for the children i will never have."

Olfactory Art Keller has presented Associations, which is a series of four events that combine performance art, music and scents, throughout August, 2023. 

  • On August 10,  Hannah Marcus, a music writer and performer and olfactory explorer, will play with scent in both unexpected and familiar ways. She plays in the ambient noise duo 'Wintersea Playboy,"  and the experimental folk trio "Resident Aces". In The Secret Life of Hugo Schiff: a speculative inquiry in scent and song the artist’s anthropo-spiritualist alter ego Lion Wintersea will take liberties with the life and legacy of Hugo Schiff, the 19th century chemist who discovered the aroma molecules known as Schiff bases.    
  • On August 17,  Fengyi Wang, a thinker, storyteller and pastry-maker who is writing a philosophical cookbook and performing live performances will guide participants through her handwashing workshop "hand washing" ineffectively: smell with fingers, listen with noses and smell with eyes. In her handwashing workshop hands become theatres in the water and all the scent, light and sound is inhaled and exhaled. Bodies of time and space are shared through touching, smelling, breathing and hearing. Past, present, and future are waved together with all the memories experienced by your hands and the hands that are feeling you.
  • On August 24,  M Dougherty, a nonbinary artist/designer concerned with research and intention, is presenting "Symphonic Ephemera" which invites audiences to experience a symphony of scent on the Odor Organ, an instrument that the artist created in the familiar form of a piano that allows people to play scents instead of sounds. This is the first time the Odor Organ will be played in concert and after the performance, participants will be invited to play the instrument themselves.

Tickets for these events are available with limited seating. 

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