Le Herbe Partners with Qsonica For Cannabis Beverages

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Le Herbe

Le Herbe, manufacturer of cannabis beverages, has announced a partnership with Qsonica, a manufacturer of ultrasonic liquid processors, to develop cannabis extraction, preservation and processing techniques. Le Herbe will use ultrasonic equipment and product green chemistry for liquid cannabis delivery systems for manufacturing of cannabis beverages, tinctures and dietary supplements.

“Qsonica mainly serves the biotechnology industry and is excited to expand into the cannabis industry,” said Marc Lustig, director of business development for Qsonica. “Le Herbe understands the importance of R&D and manufactures phenomenal products, which fits well with our company culture. We look forward to working together on many projects that will disrupt the landscape of traditional cannabis extraction, preservation and processing techniques.”

The partnership is targeted at driving innovation for the cannabis industry and due to the status of R&D in the U.S., Le Herbe is focused on earning the funds from private companies.

“Public and private collaboration usually helps bridge the knowledge gap, but because of red tape most cannabis manufacturers are blind to the complexities of making great products,” said Jay Grillo, COO of Le Herbe.