Firmenich Stays Fresh With Latest Cooling Technologies

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Someone brushing their teeth

Firmenich has expanded its cooling and freshness technology portfolio to offer an exclusive range of solutions for flavors and oral and personal care applications as part of a broadened collaboration with Senomyx.  

“At  Firmenich  we  are  committed  to  driving  world-class research as  well  as  innovative  partnerships  to  create  winning  solutions  for  our  customers,” said  Gilbert  Ghostine, CEO Firmenich.  “Building  on  our  unique  end-to-end  solutions  in  mint, I  am  excited  to  be  expanding  our  cooling  and  freshness  technologies  to create tailored  and high performance experiences that delight consumers worldwide.”

Firmenich offers customers a broad range of mint varieties for applications in oral care and confections. In addition to mint, Firmenich is applying its cooling technologies to meet the growing demand from consumers for freshness across foods and beverages.

“With  this  extended  technology  portfolio,  combined with  our  deep  understanding  of  taste and  smell,  we  will  shape unique sensorial  experiences  that  convey  freshness  and comfort, while fueling a sense of vitality and readiness for the day ahead,” said Geneviève  Berger,  chief  research  officer,  Firmenich.