Top Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Flavor Trends

Spate names the growing trends in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage categories and the driving factors behind consumer choices.
Spate names the growing trends in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage categories and the driving factors behind consumer choices.
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At Flavorcon 2023, Spate, a machine intelligence platform, used consumer search data to deliver deep insights into consumer preferences in the snack market. As the platform continues to expand its research into food and beverage segments, Spate launched a Beverage Trends Reporta taking a holistic approach to the beverage space to uncover the themes that are top of mind for consumers seeking ways to quench their thirst.

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Here are the growing trends in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage categories and driving factors behind consumer choices according to Spate's research.

Alcoholic Beverage Trends

Espresso martinis took social media by storm, and this frenzy was reflected in ranking as #3 on Spate's Top Alcoholic Beverage chart. According to Spate, the spike in bottled sangria revealed an opportunity for wine brands to show their versatility. "Top searches reveal that no brand owns this market yet, and there is room for companies to get ahead for the summer of 2024. [..] With the rise of canned espresso martinis, palomas, and other cocktails, brands in the space should jump on the opportunity to bottle up another consumer-favorite beverage."

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The platform also shares that the incline in Soju searches indicates a growing interest in Korean beverages in the United States.The report reads, "Despite only moderate year-over-year growth, this trend is a top driver of positive search volume change, revealing its cultural prominence. Brands with an Eastern perspective can leverage this trend by introducing Soju to Western consumers, educating them in the process."

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Trends & Ingredients

The Sleepy Girl Mocktail gained viral traction on TikTok in April 2023, underscoring a consumer desire to maintain the cocktail ritual without the effects of alcohol. This trend particularly claims to support sleep hygiene and inflammation, with popular recipes including ingredients like tart cherry juice, magnesium, and prebiotic soda.

Spate claims that this trend presents an opportunity for healthy soda brands or supplement companies to capitalize on the trend by crafting their versions of the Sleepy Girl Mocktail, or other functional mocktails. Brands can further innovate by incorporating functional elements based on supplements already in their portfolio.

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The report reads, "The steady growth in searches for adaptogen drinks over the past few years showcases the growing interest in functional beverages for consumers. Search queries such as best adaptogen drinks to replace alcohol, and adaptogen blend energy drinks highlight the consumer’s interest in utilizing adaptogens as alternatives. This trend has a very low competition, with very few market leaders indicating massive opportunities for brands to establish themselves as leaders in development. Using science, studies, and transparent product messaging, brands can gain the attention of the modern consumer with an adaptogen alternative drink." Below are the trends tracked in the non-alcoholic beverage ingredient category.

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Here are the trends impacting search and how brands can attract new customers in the increasingly competitive beverage market according to Spate—

A Spate of Spritzes: The growing interest in spritzes beyond Aperol, indicates a consumer appreciation of sparkly flavors. Brands should consider ways to add a carbonated twist to their product offerings.

Cultural Libations: Growing trends like Soju, sangria, Patxaran, and more highlight the growing desire for consumers to travel with their taste buds. This is an opportunity for international brands to build their customer base in the US.

Function forward: Searches for ingredients like adaptogens, magnesium, and Himalayan pink salt alongside trends like probiotic soda, ginger shots, and espresso martinis highlight the growing demand for functional beverages. Brands should keep an eye on the top-growing ingredients in the supplement space to stay ahead of the functional beverage market.

Premium premades: Canned espresso martinis, bottled spritz, and bottled sangrias scratch the surface for premade beverage opportunities. Brands should keep an eye on the rising beverage trends with opportunities to bottle them up.



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