Kerry Group Acquires Three US Companies


Along with the recent facility opening in Ireland, Irish flavor company, Kerry Group continues its expansion by recently acquiring three US companies: Red Arrow Products, Island Oasis and Biothera Wellmune. According to the company's press release, the $735 million acquisition is expected to expand Kerry's taste and nutrition portfolio for worldwide food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Though the breakdown of the purchase has not been disclosed, Kerry's existing facilities were able to fund the acquisition.

Who Are Kerry's New Three?

Maine-based Red Arrow Products serves the global meat, culinary and food industry creating natural and authentic natural savory, smoked and grilled flavors.

Serving the US restaurant, leisure and hospitality markets "on-premise," Island Oasis supplies all-natural cocktail mixes and customized beverage combinations.

Biothera Wellmune produces and markets its own branded natural food, beverage and supplement ingredients designed to strengthen the immune system, using yeast strains. Yeast strains have quickly become a more viable option for sustainable ingredient production.

New Growth

Stan McCarthy, CEO Kerry Group, commented that the acquisitions will "significantly expand[ing] [our] taste and nutritional solutions portfolio [and] bring a number of important innovative technology platforms to Kerry." He added that the purchase will provide "tremendous growth opportunities throughout Kerry's global developed and developing markets."

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