Naturex Launches Products at Health Ingredients Europe

Naturex (Avignon, France) launched new ingredients during the Health Ingredients Europe event in Madrid, Spain, using the opportunity to showcase its integration of the natraceutical ingredients division. The company has broadened its portfolio by adding fruit and vegetable powders, pectins, natural colors, coloring foodstuffs, and Talin (thaumatin), a flavor-enhancing ingredient that also offers sweetness and bitterness masking ingredients, to its product line.

For its NAT activ line, Naturex established a specific collection of extracts standardized to polyphenols. For the NAT life line, the company shared how its Cereboost can offer applications in beverages, fruit bars, chocolates, candies and more, and for the NAT color line, a natural colors and coloring foodstuffs are available, due to Naturex's acquisition of Overseal Natural Ingredients. In the NAT healthy line, an extended line of botanical extracts are now available; the NAT stabil saw the launch of Xtrablend RP, a blend of rosemary and pomegranate extracts that achieves antioxidant protection in food products, and a natural curing solutions for meat applications; and the NAT arom line extended its floral plant extracts collection with several new references such as rose, hibiscus and Brazil cress, as well as its offerings of essential oils and oleoresins. Included in the new launches are Aquaready, a range of products dispersible with water and low-fat products, and EZ-Caps, references that protect the aromatic compounds from losses or degradation of the aromas over time.

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