‘Sea’sonal Notes Ride Oceanic Wave


Soothing waves and breezy days are staples of summer beach getaways. The light and crisp notes in many of today’s oceanic fragrances serve as an alternative to summer’s typical sunny citrus scents, providing nostalgia for those holidays.

Sea Water: Refreshing and invigorating, sea water is often used to bring a clean profile and is popular in summer, limited-edition versions of existing fragrances.

Sand: Warm and similar to amber, the soft scent of sand evokes the feeling of basking in the sun on the beach, away from the surf.

Ambergris: This marine and sweet ingredient is used as a fixative in many luxury fragrances.

Salt: A savory fragrance that harks to the salty tinge in the air near the shore, and adds an unexpected twist to sweeter fragrances.

Sea Shells: More gourmand than other sea-derived fragrances, sea shell notes are rare but give off a warm marine and sand scent.

Seaweed: A hint of salt cuts through the green elements of this fragrance.

Rum: What is a day at the beach without a cocktail, preferably made with rum? This warm and gourmand fragrance is sweet enough to imagine sipping one yourself while watching the waves.

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