Trends in Women's Fragrances

With the ability to suggest a women’s personality, attitude and sense of style in just a whiff, perfumes and eau de toilettes designed for women have always focused primarily on scent. Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows that floral and fruity blends are, unsurprisingly, extremely common in women’s fragrances around the world. Most women find these fragrances both enticing and familiar, a good match for an everyday scent. Recently, botanical-inspired fragrances have increased in popularity, fueled by consumers’ increasing desire for all things natural and pure.

Floral Scents

Quintessentially feminine, light and highly fragrant, floral scent blends have always been very popular in women’s fragrances. Inspired by nature and proven over time, their appeal lies in an ability to make women feel luminous, refined and sensual all at the same time. Fleur de Cabotine, from perfumers Grès, is one flowery fragrance in France. The scent comprises essences of mandarin, seringa flower, white lily, orchid and peony.

Oilily, known for its funky, colorful fashion line, has expanded with a fragrance in Ireland. Also drawing on the natural appeal of fresh flowers, Oilily Muse boasts a floral scent with ingredients such as lemon and water lily.

Fruity Blends

Similar to floral scents, fruity blends offer familiarity and a delectable appeal in women’s perfumes and eau de toilettes. Fruity and citrus-based scents are bright and happy, bringing on an aura of fun and relaxation. Some of the most common fruity scents found in women’s fragrances are apple, peach, watermelon, raspberry, tangerine and pear. These light and joyous fragrances also benefit from a naturally “natural” appeal.

In the United States, Parfums Christian Dior recently released Dior Addict Shine eau de toilette. It features a fruity, floral fragrance that includes notes of raspberry, gardenia and cedarwood.

Likewise in Norway, Giorgio Armani markets a fresh, fruity Summer Mania fragrance. Designed for summer with its light, natural notes, Summer Mania boasts the scents of blackcurrants, violet leaves, tangerines and pears. Like Christian Dior’s Dior Addict Shine in the United States, Giorgio Armani’s Norwegian perfume capitalizes on the combination of a high-end brand with a fresh, natural scent.

Botanical and Herbal Fragrances

Bringing a fully natural and holistic appeal to women’s perfumes, botanical and herbal ingredients have increased notably in women’s fragrances around the globe. These inspired-by-nature scents are expected to continue growing in the coming months, as consumers increasingly devote themselves to a more natural lifestyle. Additionally, botanicals and herbs often have ties to aromatherapy, giving manufacturers an easy positioning tool for feel-good fragrance products.

In the Philippines, Advanced Beauty Systems advertises Bodycology Coconut Lime Body Mist as a light, refreshing treat for the skin. The sweet scent of coconut mingling with refreshing lime is said to relieve stress and tension, just like a tropical island getaway provides instant relaxation and joy. Positioning claims such as this can help women’s fragrance manufacturers lure in consumers who are looking for an added benefit with their delightful scent.

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