Past Fragrance Successes— What Does the Future Hold?

What is a successful fragrance? Fragrance is part of the entertainment industry. Past successful fragrances have captured the imagination of the public just like popular songs and popular movies, What will capture the public’s fancy in the future? Perhaps seeing what worked in different eras of the past will give a hint of what will work in the future.

In 1969, Norell set the scene for the fragrance revolution in America. Before Norell, fragrance was really a gift item. Women seldom bought it for themselves. They saved fragrance for special occasions and then applied it drop by precious drop. Norell changed that. Women bought fragrance for themselves and used it every day. Norell marked the beginning of the fragrance era as we know it today.

Norell was introduced as “The First Great Perfume Born in America.” The ad continued, “Each Time is the First Time With Norell.” The bottle was elegant and classical. The very complex fragrance was exciting, with floral-green notes that never had been popular before in the United States. It was very diffusive. Women who wore it often received compliments from strangers.

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