Perfume Experiences the Gender Revolution

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A gender non-conforming person

Data and analytics company GlobalData has projected that the gender-neutral segment of the perfume industry is expected to see strong growth.

“Fragrance is one of the beauty and personal care segments that is fully tapping into the gender-fluidity trend. Recently, this has become increasingly evident in the proliferation of androgynous fragrance launches across brands, which strive to capture consumers’ attention by resonating with their desire to express themselves,” said Iliyana Mesheva, consumer analyst at GlobalData.

Tapping into the larger trend of consumers’ indifference to societal and cultural gender norms, brands have started to create products that either blur gender boundaries or embrace gender neutrality. According to a GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 global consumer survey, one-third of consumers surveyed disagreed that they felt pressure to follow traditional cultural and societal norms.

“Targeting millennials who are willing to wear any fragrance that ‘smells right’, matches their personality, and triggers an emotion within them, means that brands must understand the importance of note blends and packaging play in promoting neutrality,” Mesheva continued. “Calvin Klein’s CK2 gender-free fragrance has proven to be of a great success, since its launch in 2016. The notes of sandalwood, mandarin, and wasabi form a natural and fresh scent that appeals to all genders. Its minimalistic packaging design, featuring a transparent futuristic looking bottle, has served to support the gender-free concept.”