Fragrance Trends Move Towards Unisex Scents and Customization


According to Cosmetic Design, Euromonitor presented an in-cosmetics event in New York City featuring U.S. trends and the region’s consumer landscape for the U.S. fragrance industry. What's new? Trends in the U.S. region are shifting, causing brands to look for a way to gain market share in unisex scents, fragrance wardrobes and body sprays.

Expressing Individuality

Unisex fragrances are growing in popularity as consumers are focusing on how a fragrance represents one's personality rather than adhering to gender norms. As social attitudes are swiftly changing, the fragrance market is taking cues from the evolving norms towards a more personalized product market.

Eleanor Dwyer, a U.S. beauty and fashion research associate at Euromonitor International, said, “Unisex fragrances are popular with consumers who care about expressing their individual personality through their fragrance; they don’t want to be assigned a standard fragrance based on their gender, but would rather find a scent with unique personal appeal.”

Portable and more affordable options are what pique the interest of consumers nowadays. Euromonitor predicted that packaging choices will be playing a role in the fragrance industry.

Curated Scent Wardrobe

“Companies are expected to introduce more small sizes, such as 30 ml bottles, to appeal to the value-conscious consumers who want to have a ‘wardrobe’ of fragrances whilst maintaining a budget,” said Dwyer.

Finally, body sprays, mists and splashes can offer a lower cost, easily layerable and lighter fragrance for consumers who desire to have a fragrance wardrobe and want to customize their scent experience.

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