Study Shows Promise of Longer Lasting Fragranced Products

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These capsulation technologies can control fragrance release and enable the scale-up of profragrance fabrication.

A study introduced a new way to create longer-lasting scented products, according to Eureka Alert.

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Several polymer-based capsulation technologies have been developed that not only control fragrance release, but enable the scale-up of profragrance fabrication. However, the thermodynamic method traditionally used in these technologies doesn't support tunable particle size, resulting in uneven size distribution and poor reproducibility.

study published in the KeAi journal Green Chemical Engineering has introduced a new engineering strategy to construct photo- (or light-) controllable profragrance nanoparticles with the assistance of flash nanoprecipitation (FNP) technology.

FNP uses commercial polymers to encapsulate photo-triggered profragrance in a hydrophobic core.

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