IFRA Releases 47th Amendment to IFRA Code of Practice

The secretariat from the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has released the 47th amendment to the IFRA Code of Practice.

IFRA urged its member associations to immediately disseminate this message to their members. The amendment consists of:

  • Six new standards, based on the dermal sensitization QRA  
  • Four revised standards, based on the dermal sensitization QRA  
  • New standard restricting the use of Furfural  
  • New standard prohibiting the use of 2,4-Dienals (group standard replacing standards for individual materials)
  • Eleven revised standards taking the contributions of Schiff Bases into account
  • One standard, based on the dermal sensitization QRA, with a corrected maximum use level
  • A new annex I containing much more composition data than the former one
  • A new annex II for the management of Schiff bases – a category of fragrance ingredients prone to hydrolyzing
  • An updated index of IFRA standards

To view IFRA's database of updated and new standards, click here.

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