Gas Chromatographic Analysis on Turkish Rose Oil, Absolute and Concrete

Rose oil and concrete samples from the Isparta district and rose absolute prepared in our laboratory were analyzed by gas chromatography and results were interpreted. By investigating the analysis results it seemed that it would be possible to offer the standardization of these rose products by increasing the number of samples from different origins in Turkey. It was observed that the qualities of Turkish rose oil, concrete and absolute could compete with Bulgarian and other products which have higher export prices. Moreover, it was more profitable to produce and export rose absolute instead of concrete.

Turkey occupies second place among the countries which grow rose flower and produce rose oil, rose water and concrete coming after Bulgaria. Rose oil, concrete, absolute and rose water being rose complexes are valuable and important base materials of the perfumery industry.

As known, rose oil is a blend of decante oil and water oil which are obtained in two steps hy steam distillation, In the first step of steam distillation the oil formed as a separate layer ahove water is called decante oil or direct oil or first oil, By another steam distillation of residue water, indirect oil (water oil or second oil) is obtained. Rose oil represents the sum of specifications of both of them. The last distillation water is rose water.

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