Florol Market Sees Growth Through 2024

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Lily of the valley and soap

According to a recent Transparency Market Research report, the florol market is expected to see growth through 2024.

The florol group consists of a group of fragrance chemicals with the IUPAC name 4-methyl-2-(2-methylpropyl)oxan-4-ol. Commercially, it is known by its other names, muguetol, floriffol, floral pyranol and floros.

Global Growth Leads Way

The global demand for florols is expected to increase in the next several years due to the growth in the perfume industry and its prevalence in soaps and detergents. Demand for florol is high in large perfume manufacturing industries across Western Europe, specifically Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France. Additionally, growth in China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia will most likely fuel further demand for florols.  

Key players in the florol market include Ernesto Ventos, Firmenich, Indukern F&F, Penta Manufacturing Company, Givaudan, The Good Scents Company, BASF and Vigon International.

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