Product Specialization in Body Care

In the highly competitive body care market, manufacturers have moved toward product specialization to stand out from the competition. Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) observes many new products boasting special fragrances and unique scent benefits to lure in consumers.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapeutic ingredients have seeped into the body care market as many new product launches claim their perks. Aromatherapy, the use of plant-based essential oils to alter the mood, has existed for many years, but in the recent health and wellness-driven market, aromatherapeutic claims have been growing in frequency. As consumers look for added benefits in their body care products, many seek to move beyond simple moisturization to something greater. Aromatherapy extends the popular herbal trend in body care, with many products said to be either relaxing or energizing because of aromatherapeutic ingredients.

Japanese company Ayura Laboratories released Meditation Body Serum in the spring, claiming it could provide a refreshing, cooling sensation to soothe hot summer skin. It contains the aromatic scent of herbs, flowers and citrus to relax and soothe people’s tired bodies and minds.

Under the Taaj Sensualité brand, Taaj has released Rose & Frankincense Essential Oil in France. Containing a myriad of essential oils, the product can be used in the bath, as a day cream, as a massage cream or simply as an air freshener, diffused in a room or inhaled for its healing vapors. The formula contains almond oil for better hydration, rose to relieve tension and dissipate sadness, and frankincense to act as an anti-depressant.

Claiming energizing benefits in the United States, Shangrila has released Re-Energizing Gel under the Octane brand. For use on the hands, ears, neck and face, it is said to provide for total body refreshment by stimulating the skin’s blood vessels with a special form of ginseng herb. With cool, brightly scented ingredients such as aloe vera and menthol, the gel is positioned for freshening up and clearing the mind.

Premium ingredients: Body care products often represent pampering and luxury to consumers, so premium ingredient claims have long functioned well in the category. Many recent product launches come from top fashion designers and are designed to compliment prestige fragrances, adding a layer of exclusivity. The scent of these premium body care products immediately stands out as a symbol of status and style.

In the United States, leading designer Calvin Klein released a skin moisturizer under the Calvin Klein CKIN2U Her brand. Based on the familiar fresh, floriental scent of the perfume, the moisturizer combines notes of pink grapefruit, sugar orchid and neon amber.

Sometimes, scent isn’t what the consumer wants. In fact, for people with sensitive skin or allergies, added fragrance is often something they look to avoid. By adapting body care products to be hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, manufacturers have zeroed in on a target market looking for body care solutions that are gentler and kinder to their skin.

In the United Kingdom, Floraroma’s Derma Mum Stretch Mark Oil claims to be dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and free from fragrances, synthetic ingredients, dyes, preservatives and petrochemicals. The oil is designed to prevent and minimize stretch marks in pregnant women. It combines nature's richest and most nurturing oils, vitamin E, rose hip, evening primrose, borage, and wheat germ for a luxurious, beneficial experience.

Clinelle Soothing Body Oil in Malaysia is specially formulated with citrus aurantium dulcis, aniba rosaeodora wood, cinnamomum cassia leaf and thyme to relieve stress and calm the mind and body.

Body care manufacturers will likely continue to create unique ingredients and fragrance claims in an effort to raise their products above the competition. In responding to consumers’ specific body care demands and desires, manufacturers have an opportunity to get creative and break ground with new claims.

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