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One of the stories behind mint’s origins is based on the Greek myth of Minthe, a nymph of rivers, streams, lakes, fountains and springs, who happened to dazzle the god of the underworld, Hades, one day with her youthful presence. Naturally, he fell in love with her charms. His wife, Persephone, powerful goddess of the underworld (who was also kidnapped by Hades), was furious and filled with jealousy at this relationship. Her rage led her to turn Minthe into the herb, while Hades added the fragrance due to his inability to reverse the spell. Minthe’s presence and scent were then widespread and later used in many ancient Greek rituals, including funeral rites to counter the scent of decay and in the fermented barley beverage, kykeon, which offered a sensation of hope in the afterlife.

A pervasive and hearty herb, mint has been used in culinary and medicinal practices for centuries, with a rich presence in folklore. Despite its dynamic history, mint was only recognized as a distinct species in the late 17th century. Along with its cooling properties, mint’s popularity in flavored and fragranced products is certainly a source of innovation.

This issue we take a look at mint as an innovative space in oral care and how it’s driving this segment (page 36), particularly in sensorial research. By 2025, the global oral care market is expected to reach $40.92 billion with a CAGR of 4.8%a. The Americas and Europe are driving growth in more targeted functional oral care products (think tartar/plaque control, sensitivity and whitening among others); whereas Asia, the Middle East and Africa are driven by total care products as education in personal hygiene reaches emerging markets (page 30).

Though not as devastating as citrus greening, verticillium wilt and powdery mildew are driving forces behind growing stronger, more disease-resistant varieties. As the mint market continues to grow in variety and product innovation, it’s no wonder Minthe’s charms are still affecting us today.

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a Grand View Research: Global Oral Care Market Report

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