New Book Explores the World of Smell


Author Jude Stewart recently released their latest novel, "Revelations in Air: A Guidebook to Smell."

According to Penguin Random House's website, "In 'Revelations in Air,' Jude Stewart takes us on a fascinating journey into the weird and wonderful world of smell. Beginning with lessons on the incredible biology and history of how our noses work, Stewart teaches us how to use our noses like experts. Once we’re properly equipped and ready to sniff, Stewart explores a range of smells—from lavender, cut grass and hot chocolate to cannabis and old books—using smell as a lens into art, history, science, and more. With an engaging colorful design and exercises for readers to refine their own skills, 'Revelations in Air' goes beyond science or history or chemistry–it’s a doorway into the surprising, pleasurable, and unfamiliar landscape of smell."    

"Revelations in Air" is available on Penguin Random House's website as well as various retailers.

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