dsm-firmenich Names 5 Principal Perfumers

dsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic
dsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic
courtesy of dsm-firmenich/ Copyright Franck Juery

dsm-firmenich has appointed five new principal perfumers namely, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Bruno Jovanovic, Clément Gavarry, Dora Baghriche and Gabriela Chelariu who join an exclusive group within the Fine Fragrance team. 

“We are thrilled to announce the promotion of five exceptionally talented perfumers to the esteemed role of Principal Perfumer,” dsm-firmenich Perfumery & Beauty president Emmanuel Butstraen said. “Their dedication, creativity, and passion for the art of perfumery have not only greatly contributed to the success of our company, but have also elevated the olfactory experiences we bring to our clients and consumers worldwide.”

“Each of these perfumers has demonstrated an exceptional ability to craft unique and captivating fragrances that resonate with our clients and consumers,” adds Jerry Vittoria, head of Global Fine Fragrance, Perfumery & Beauty. “Their promotion is a testament to their expertise, hard work, innovation, and commitment to excellence.”

dsm-firmenich shared some background and recent notable wins for each of the five principal perfumers below:

dsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Amandine Clerc-Mariedsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Amandine Clerc-Mariecourtesy of dsm-firmenich/Copyright Franck Juery

Amandine Clerc-Marie, based in Paris, sees herself as a sculptor of the invisible, transforming materials and working on the volumes of every composition. She envisions fragrance creation as something similar to architecture, building perfumes like construction, with precise shapes and a solid foundation that supports the whole structure. Clerc-Marie is the perfumer behind many highly acclaimed fragrances including Burberry Goddess, launched in 2023.

Bruno Jovanovic, based in Paris, has a love for fragrance that stems from his fascination for scents that surround him. He is inspired by artists as well as intellectuals and combines creativity and boldness in creating his unique olfactive signature. Jovanovic worked half of his career in the US and his perfumery creations express the best of each culture: unbridled American freedom and sophisticated French heritage. He’s created fragrances for some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, including his most recent Montblanc Explorer Platinum. 

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dsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Clement Gavarrydsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Clement Gavarrycourtesy of dsm-firmenich/Copyright Gabriela Herman

Clement Gavarry, based in New York, gets inspiration from the vibrancy and dynamism of the city, where he’s lived since 2000. Born in France, he comes from three generations of perfumery experts and is a truly versatile perfumer. Gavarry has signed many hits in both the US and Europe, including a blockbuster success with Ariana Grande Cloud.

dsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Dora Baghrichedsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Dora Baghrichecourtesy of dsm-firmenich /Copyright Nathalie de Lopez

Dora Baghriche, based in Paris, is a creative at her very core. A true woman of letters, her first passion is writing, before she fell in love with fragrance. Born in Algiers where she spent her childhood, she views fragrance creation with a very contemporary vision, bringing cult raw materials and ingredients back into fashion. Baghriche has created several classics including most recently award-winner Rabanne Fame and Narciso Rodriguez All of Me.

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dsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Gabriela Chelariudsm-firmenich Principal Perfumer Gabriela Chelariucourtesy of dsm/firmenich/Copyright Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Chelariu, based in New York, tells beautiful fragrant stories through her creations by connecting her past to her present. She grew up in a small town in Romania, where the scents of nature guided her towards the world of fine fragrance. Chelariu studied at Romania’s University of Pharmacy and was introduced to perfumery while working in a research lab at an aroma company. After visiting Grasse, she immediately knew that this would be her life. Her most recent successes include key launches at Bath & Body Works and with Kayali by Mona Kattan.

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