Mix It Yourself: Nota Nota Machine Personalizes Perfumes


Device company Nota Nota has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its personalized scent mixing machine.

By utilizing a series of cartridges, the device can produce 5ml of liquid perfume within 60 seconds. Currently, the device allows users to mix bergamot, jasmine, magnolia, Taif rose, moss, vanilla, sandalwood, marine and musk notes. The device is also controlled through an iOS or Android mobile app, which allows users to share and save perfume blends.

“I was thinking about 3D printing when I found a perfume I liked. It was then that the idea of combining these two concepts together came to me,” said Nota Nota creator, Abdullah Bahabri. “Nota Nota will give people an easy way to design and produce their own perfume that speaks to their style. With Nota Nota, you can reach people looking for new perfume experiences, and it’s easy to use with less equipment and less mess.”

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