Enhancing & Personalizing the Fragrance Experience

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Fragrances mask chemical ingredients, support brand identity, signal cleanliness, and provide an overall sensory experience for the consumer. According to Euromonitor figures, home care fragrances for laundry detergents, fabric softeners, air care, dishwashing and surface care represent more than three-quarters of the total fragrance volume sold annually, and will grow at 2% per year through 2018. Euromonitor notes, “Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa will be the fastest growing regions for fragrances over 2013–2018, with forecast CAGRs [compound annual growths] of 4% and 3%, respectively.”

Fabric softeners and air care, which rely on fragrance delivery as core assets, represent the greatest innovation areas in home care, according to Euromonitor. In boosting performance, and enhancing and personalizing fragrance experiences, the fabric care and air care segments reflect a shifting consumer dynamic.

Boosting & Personalizing the Sensory Experience

“The advent of technology and encapsulation into the [fabric care] category has had a huge impact on consumers,” says Stephen Nicoll, creative perfumer at IFF. “It really raised the bar for consumer expectations for performance from the fragrance. Through the use of the technology, we were able to deliver more of the fragrance experience at the dry fabric stage and on damp. Because of that, the consumer has become more aware of the effects of the fragrance at that stage.”

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