Wish ATL x Zapah Lab Release Sneaker Inspired Scents

Wish ATL x Zapah Lab Fragrance. Photo: Wish ATL Facebook.
Wish ATL x Zapah Lab Fragrance. Photo: Wish ATL Facebook.

Wish ATL and Zapah Lab Fragrance have teamed up to debut six fragrances, inspired by iconic shoes. 

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The first signature fragrance is called, Wish ATL x Zapah Lab Fragrance and includes notes of black agar, tulsi, hedione, patchouli, oakmoss, cassis, cedar Virginia, pink peppercorn and safraleine. 

It is available in a 30 ml bottle for $58.

The duo has also released five other 10 ml fragrances that retail for $18. The fragrances are inspired by shoes, such as:

  • Cortez, inspired by Nike Cortez, the first track shoe. It has notes of:

    • linden blossom

    • hivernal neo

    • melon

    • pink peppercorn

    • poivrol

    • cashmeran

    • oakmoss

  • Chuck, inspired by Converse Chuck Taylor, has notes of: 

    • nonadienal

    • cedar atlas

    • carrot seed

    • cocoa essence

    • tobacco abs

    • hemp

    • pink peppercorn

    • patchouli

  • AF1, inspired by the Nike Air Force 1, has notes of:

    • cashmeran

    • oakmoss

    • oud synth

    • safraleine

    • amber extreme

    • velvione

    • coumarin

    • terrasol

    • melon 

  • '95 Stan, inspired by the Adidas Stan Smith, has notes of:

    • triplal

    • birch leaf

    • indolene

    • oud maleki

    • cassis

    • tomato leaf

    • basil sweet

    • cashmeran

    • geosmin

    • oakmoss

    • cedar Virginia

  • NB 990, inspired by the New Balance 990, has notes of: 

    • Helional

    • heliotropex

    • undecavertol

    • hedione

    • cashmeran

    • shangralide

    • cedar Virginia

    • pink peppercorn

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