St. Clair Scents x Erika Senft Miller Launch Seeking Balance Perfume

Seeking Balance artwork by Erika Senft Miller.
Seeking Balance artwork by Erika Senft Miller.

Perfumer Diane St. Clair of St. Clair Scents, and artist Erika Senft Miller have teamed up to debut a unisex fragrance called Seeking Balance.

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Seeking Balance is meant to calm and balance the wearer with notes of:

  • Grounding Notes: labdanum, oakmoss, vetiver roots, carrot seed, orris root

  • Calming Flowers: lavender absolute and maillette, rose de mai, Turkish rose absolute, rose geranium oil, cassie absolute, ylang ylang oil, jasmine organic extract

  • Light Notes: bergamot, mandarin green oil, lemon oil, tahitian lime oil, galbanum CO2

The fragrance has 35% perfume concentration and wears close to the skin, in keeping with its intent to be a calming and centering fragrance.

The process consisted of St. Clair creating and sending the perfume to Miller who would then transfer the olfactory experience into a painting to accompany the perfume. 

Seeking Balance Perfume is available in three sizes: 2 ml spray bottle ($16), 13 ml travel bottle ($70) and 30 ml bottle ($140). 


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