Application of Biotechnology to the Perfumery Industry

The importance of biotechnology has become more evident as we enter the 1980s. Some earlier studies were carried out on the formation of perfumery related compounds using microorganisms, enzymes and tissue cultures as well. However, the above studies have not always provided satisfactory results, since there have been so many fermented foods and dairy foods developed from the utilization of microorganisms. Studies of the flavors of these foods have since resulted in products now employed as flavor materials.

With further progress in the near future in biotechnology, deeper research and the consequent provision of better flavoring materials seems probable. Furthermore, the culturing of plants used for perfumery are seen likely to make tremendous advances through application of biotechnology to agriculture.

Here, I wish to suggest the future contributions of biotechnology to the perfumery industry by introducing the studies done in the past and also some newer techniques, such as recombinant DNA cell fusion, bioreactor and tissue culturing.

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