Fragrance Marketing: Translating Creativity into Success


The best products emerge from partnerships. They emerge from an amalgam of talents, experiences, and motivations which result, in this case, in an enormously creative end product known as a fragrance launch.

Let’s focus on our partnership. There are three key areas Who are the players on both sides of this industry? What is this process that we create together? and How can we make the communications among us even better?

This partnership is critical for success in this industry. We all know that perfumers can create the most superb fragrances in the world, But if they are not supported by superior marketing plans and impacted advertising, they will not be a financial success.

The inverse is also true. With fabulous advertising and promotional plans, the marketer may be able to hook the customer once into purchasing a new fragrance, but if that fragrance isn’t a wonderful scent, the customer will never come back for more.

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