Fragrance Outlook: Noir to Niche

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Perfume on a black background

The studio’s location, in Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhood, seems the perfect setting for perfumers seeking to stay abreast of where fragrance is heading.

Here some drom perfumers (Pierre-Constantin Gueros and Agnes Mazin) talk about what's "in" for fragrances.

Back in Black

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“Noir is chic,” says drom perfumer Pierre-Constantin Gueros, “especially for men’s fragrances.” According to Gueros, the theme of black extends beyond just marketing/packaging. “The tendency,” he says, “is to go back to ‘dark’ and ‘black’ raw materials—of course, chypre with patchouli, oud accords (used in the Middle East as the famous agarwood accord), warm sexy accords (the traditional seductive role of perfume), amber, and even animalic and ‘dirty’ (in a perfumistic way, of course, such as cumin, davana, indolic white flowers and honey).”

Other topics covered: Modern Rose, Unique and Niche Scents, Gender Blending

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