Febreze Launches Plug-In with Tech that Controls Scent Release

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The new Febreze plugin releases scents on with timed technology to ensure the fresh smell lasts.

The Febreze Fade Defy Plug features microchip technology programmed to manage temperatures and control how much scent is released.

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A built-in warmer heats the oil to release scent, ensuring the freshness doesn’t dissipate. On the low setting, the smell lasts for 50 days.

The plug also features a dual-wick system that switches between two slightly different, complementary scents every 45 minutes, ensuring consumers don’t become accustomed or “noseblind” to the scent.

Once it’s time for a refill, the plug will light up with a blue LED light on top of the warmer to signal when empty.

The plug is currently available online and at retailers across the nation for $5.49.

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