Newell Brands Launches Friday Collective Candle Brand

The Friday Collective features 12 different candles, grouped into four scent profiles.
The Friday Collective features 12 different candles, grouped into four scent profiles.
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Newell Brands has launched Friday Collective, a lifestyle brand with a range of scented candles intended to reset one's mood.

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Newell Brands is a parent company of over 100 brands that are designed to enhance the lives of consumers both inside and outside of the home. 

The Friday Collective features 12 different candles, most available now, and the rest to release before the end of 2022. 

The launch fragrances are grouped into four scent profiles:

  • Let's Party
    • Dance Mix offers notes of sparkling bubbly, lime, freesia and cran fizz.
    • Daybreak Rave offers blueberry, lemon and vanilla.
    • Day Party offers notes of lemon, peach, strawberry and sweet sugar crystals.
    • Sunset Disco offers notes of juicy tangerine, grapefruit and ginger.
  • Lowkey Hype
    • Late Nights offers notes lychee, rose, violet petals and warm amber.
    • Star Lust offers notes of mint eucalyptus, sage and cypress needles.
    • IYKYK offers notes of mandarin orange, tangy tropical fruits and vanilla.
    • Season Finale offers notes of warm rose, pink peppercorn, freesia petals and fresh cedarwood.
  • Kickstart The Hustle
    • Shower Playlist offers notes of soap bubbles, cedar and floral accords.
    • Wake-Up Call offers notes fresh coffee beans, foamed milk, brown sugar and whipped vanilla.
  • Joy Of Missing Out:
    • 3 Day Wknd offers notes of green apple, cucumber and waterlily.
    • Flying Solo offers notes of mint and green tea, vanilla flowers and sandalwood.

Lisa McCarthy, president of Home Fragrance at Newell Brands, stated in a PR Newswire release, "Friday Collective was created for those who are looking to bring the freedom and joy of 'weekend feels' into everyday moments. Everyone can find a fragrance that fits their vibe." 

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