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Adding Elegance With Bedoukian Research's Nuezate

The ingredient provides walnut, woody and fur notes and can enhance gourmand and fougere types of fragrance compositions.

Fragrance Futurology: 10 Ways Farm-to-Table Will Impact Perfume’s Next Decade

"Farm-to-bottle" is the obvious evolution of today’s global appetite for perfumery naturals. Watch out for some of the supply chain subtleties so you don’t get left behind.

Rose Oils: History and Socio-Economic Impact

The author examines the socio-economic impact of rose oil production and how it supports farmers in Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries.

Authentication of a Flavoring Substance: The Vanillin Case

As vanilla remains a popular taste and scent around the world, the global vanillin market is responding to increasing demands for naturals, while also addressing regulatory and adulteration issues.

The Global Fragrances Market – Bringing Fragrances Closer to Consumers

The demand for premium fragrances has bright days ahead, but traditional brands (especially luxury designer brands) will need to adapt to face the growing competition from niche and “indie” players.

A Scent of New Jersey Lavender

Coveted for its medicinal, aromatic and therapeutic properties, lavender is known for its clean and medicinal aroma due to small amounts of camphor and eucalyptol. A closer look at fresh lavender flowers reveals some interesting details about the constituents between leaves and flowers.

Open Sourcing Smell Culture: Past and Future Models for Perfumery

Like the media industry, the perfume business is in a moment of transition – one with increasing democratization by consumers and independent creators.

Forward Thinking: Fragrances Spring Forward, Part 1

Current fine fragrance activity is being driven by experiential retailers, custom fragrance technology, natural fragrances, gender-fluid launches, hero ingredients, eye-catching packaging, book releases and beverages using scents to enhance the olfactory experience.

Editor's Note: Addressing Market Fluctuations

This issue is all about fine fragrance and vanilla. Why are they placed together? Ever since gourmand became a fragrance category, vanilla was its shining star, not to mention vanilla still holds the number one spot as the most popular flavor globally. So throughout these print and digital pages, we give you a little taste of both categories.

Natural Advantage's Anisyl Formate

This sweet, fruity and vanillalike ingredient can be used in chocolate, honey, peach, tea and vanilla applications.

Daisy Love: Marc Jacobs and Coty Renew Partnership

The decade-long collaboration’s successes include the Daisy Marc Jacobs Pillar; the latest entry, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet, is set for a spring 2019 launch.

Rich Mess Makes Mark on 2019 Art and Olfaction Awards Shortlist

Created by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, Rich Mess features notes of fig, bergamot, grapefruit, sandalwood, saffron, vanilla, leather, cedar and spicy lilies.

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