Comax Flavorists Create Vegetarian Meat Flavors

To serve the growing market for vegetarian foods in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia, Comax Flavors has launched a line of kosher vegetarian meat flavors from sources such as soy and wheat, including roasted chicken, roast beef, bacon, pork, hot dog, turkey and roasted ham.* The flavors are available in natural and artificially flavored, oil soluble and water soluble, and liquid and powdered versions.

Of the announcement, Gladys Slovis, applications lab manager said, "To the casual observer, creating vegetarian meatless-meat flavors may seem like a relatively generic job for a flavor developer, but it actually holds its own special challenges. For instance, it’s very important that such flavors be strong enough to stand up to highly-absorbent vegetable proteins. Through the art of reaction technology, Comax is able to provide ingredients that replace and enhance the flavors of meats while still keeping the final product in line with vegetarian consumption. Applications where these flavors tend to be most advantageous are broths, sauces and marinades, but they come in handy for a whole range of other meatless products as well.”

*All statistical references drawn from Datamonitor.


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