WILD Flavors’ 2010 Trend Predictions

WILD Flavors, Inc. has announced 2010 trend predictions, highlighting exotic and classic flavors:

Beverage flavors: Flavors will center around fantasy blends that intrigue the senses, while floral and fruit combinations and classic sweet flavors like honey and fresh sweet mint will be popular for mainstream products. Fruit flavors, meanwhile, will drive innovation in flavor impact and delivery.

Culinary infusions: Savory trends would include flavors that evoke the taste of expertly prepared meats such as gourmet and artisan varieties of mustard flavors, black garlic and other specific varieties of herbs and spices, cooked or roasted fruits such as burnt orange, and savory meat flavors. Meanwhile, “old world” flavor types in new formats such as soups and sauces will gain popularity, and ethnic flavor varieties beyond mainstream markets will inspire new combinations in a wide variety of products; Scandinavian, African, and Eastern Mediterranean varieties will grow in popularity.

Healthful formulations: With increased demand for healthful products, the need for taste modification technologies for new sweetening systems, notably stevia, salt reduction, vitamin and mineral fortification, and other health ingredients will remain a critical, especially for the success of new products.

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