Firmenich Receives PRIMADUTA Presidential Award


Firmenich was recognized for its business excellence in Indonesia by earning the PRIMADUTA Presidential award from the president of the Republic of Indonesia. The company’s local ties and commitment to responsible and sustainable growth has provided a boost for the Indonesian economy.

Enggartiasto Lukita, minister of trade of Indonesia, said, “Not only has Firmenich been creating economic opportunities in the region for over four decades and investing in manufacturing facilities, but the company has also brought significant social value through its responsible sourcing programs, in particular working with patchouli smallholder farming communities in Java to ensure their sustainable livelihoods.”

Providing Patchouli in Indonesia

Firmenich leads a local sourcing project for patchouli in Indonesia, working to shape the production of patchouli for the future. Securing its stature in the region could secure sustainable livelihoods for local smallholder farmers at the source.

Gilbert Ghostine, Firmenich CEO, said, “It recognizes 42 years of consistent investments in Indonesia to build stronger relationships with our local customers and winning solutions for their consumers. Building on Firmenich’s legacy of responsible business, I am proud that our responsible sourcing of patchouli, in close collaboration with our partner Indesso is making such a difference in the region.”

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