Wixon Launching Mac and Cheese for All Generations

At the SNAXPO convention March 16–19 in Phoenix, seasonings, flavors and ingredients producer Wixon handed out samples of four different flavors of low-sodium macaroni and cheese. They've created distinct tastes for four generations based on research about what each looks for in a snack.

The company found that baby boomers (ages 48–66) likes healthy takes on classic comfort foods. The snack developed for this group is a sharp cheddar and port mac and cheese with deep red wine notes. For Gen X (ages 32–47), who prefer familiar, commercial tastes, Wixon will offer a baked macaroni and cheese with crunchy topping. Gen Y (ages 19–31) will get sriracha mac and cheese to suit their more adventurous tastes, and Gen Z (ages 8–18) will get a product with ketchup notes to suit their more snacky tastes.

All products will offer 33–50% sodium reduction from traditional macaroni, as they'll all incorporate Wixon's KCLean Salt, a lower-sodium product that Wixon says looks and tastes exactly like table salt.

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