Wixon Introduces ‘Southern-Style’ Menu Concepts

Wixon, a manufacturer of seasonings, flavors, and technologies for the food and beverage industry, offers a Southern-style coating system ideal for poultry.

The system features technologies for blocking bitter notes from over-frying and flavor systems that withstand extreme fryer temperatures. The three-part system includes maple vanilla pre-dust, bitter blocking batter, and two-stage or single-change sweet and savory waffle crumbles. Oven- and deep fryer-friendly, the system reduces grease retention and allows chicken or turkey to stay crispy longer when held in a moist environment.

The Southern-Style Coating System is used in several new menu concepts including:

  • Blue Mountain Chicken Waffle Tenders: fresh chicken tenders seasoned with maple, vanilla, thyme, and spices can be coated with Wixon’s Blue Mountain Waffle Crunch. The waffle batter system is highly customizable, designed for back-of-house applications, and features Mag-nifique Sweet Lift for enhanced perceived sweetness without a lingering aftertaste. A proprietary blend reduces browning in this and other batter-type applications. Crispy, sweet shortbread flakes can offer a bite of crunch.
  • Charleston Crispy Chicken: tender, fresh chicken seasoned in Wixon’s signature blend of spices and brown sugar can be dipped in Sweet Buttermilk Batter and then coated with new Coastal Waffle Break.
  • Chattanooga Chicken Crunch: maple and peppercorn-seasoned fresh chicken can be dipped in Wixon’s Southern Spiced Flour and finished with Sweet Crispy Waffle Crumbles.
  • Chicken Waffle Crunch: tender, fresh chicken can be hand-dipped in Wixon’s Maple Brown Sugar Batter and coated in Wixon’s Waffle Crumble Crunch, then fried to a golden brown in a dedicated fryer for this purpose. The batter can be made available with or without maple. Honey and sweet cream butter may accompany the dish.

“With ‘Southern-style’ ingredients on the rise, these menu concepts are perfect for appetizers, sandwiches, entrees – even salads,” noted Mathew Freistadt, Wixon’s chef.

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